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The world of lighting has changed. It has evolved far beyond simply installing light bulbs in old fashioned light fixtures. We now have the ability to offer our clients 100% low voltage lighting solutions that are beautifully elegant, energy efficient, able to be controlled, and can even mimic the color tones of natural sunlight. From fixtures to control, InHouse Systems has your lighting needs covered. Let us design, install, and maintain your personalized lighting system.

Low Voltage Lighting Systems: 

Low voltage lighting solutions provide a whole new level of customization and energy efficiency while maintaining the fit and finish that most designers and homeowners have come to expect. Todays low voltage systems allow us to remove all conventional 110v lighting in a home and replaced with a true low voltage solution that gives off less heat, uses tremendously less energy, and is 100% customizable. These systems are beautiful and more affordable than you might think.

Lighting Control Systems:

Lighting control systems can be combined with low voltage systems or we can retrofit a conventional lighting system in your home or office. Our systems give you control of how and when your lights turn on and off, as well as how that lighting appears in both color temperature and color spectrum, including intensity. With lighting control systems you can customize nearly every aspect of your lighting in you home or office enhancing your property's security, changing the mood of a space, and even positively effecting your mental and physical health.

Landscape Lighting: 

We offer landscape lighting solutions that take the nighttime esthetics of your home to a whole new level of beauty while improving the security of your property. Our landscape lighting solutions allow you to control your system based upon how you use your outdoor space by automatically controlling when they turn on and off, change the color of your lights to match the mood of your party or gathering, or even for holiday lighting effects. Let us help you design a system that changes the way your see the outside of your home.

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