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Besides a weak network, the most neglected thing we see in home integration is power management and surge protection. The one thing every item we work with has in common is that it requires power to operate. Many believe that the regular outlets in a home are sufficient and should work well for powering their systems. Sadly this is most often incorrect. The power we have coming through our outlets, though constant, fluctuates widely in voltage and has little to no surge protection. This doesn't hurt most simple electronics like toasters and lightbulbs but can do a number on high end electronic systems like Automation and Audio gear. 

Power Systems We Focus On:
  • Whole Home Surge Protection

  • Isolated System Surge Protection

  • Battery Back-up Systems

  • Power Management and Control

  • Noise Isolation and Filtration

  • Dedicated Circuits and Isolation Panels

Power is essential and that's why we help manage it with integrated systems that allow automatic power cycling of critical system components when necessary. Imagine never having to power cycle your internet router again. We can fix that for you!

We engineer our advanced systems to be certain your equipment is protected and the proper amount of power is delivered to each device every time. Let us build a system for you that takes the worry away and insures your system operates at it's best every day.

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